November 29, 2009

Gift from Tulungagung

| November 29, 2009
Yesterday, Friday 27, Nopember 2009, i went to Tulungagung with my brother dudik and my sister anisa.
Anisa Bilqis Alkautsar

This Is Anisa

Brilliant Sandy Nigi Fernando

My Little Brother Dudi'

I leave home after Sholat Jum'at. On the trip, we are break at several time, because rain down heavy at several time too. Finally we are arive at alun - alun Tulungagung at 3.30 PM. We are go to masjid Al Munawwar to Sholat Ashar. I think its long journey coz i bring my little brother and sister, two hours to finish it.

Anisa and Dudi'

Anisa and Dudi' (again)

But long jouney was paid with good condition at Tulungagung. I see my brother and sister look happy at the moment. We eat pizza and fried chicken at there. We are take a photos there dan enjoy it before go home.
Ciput Mardianto

Me and Dudi'

We arrive to home at 8.00 PM. Its one of gift brought back from my vacation.

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  1. nice vacation makes nice refresh to our body, soul and mind...
    happy holiday

  2. enak bisa liburan dan ketemu ama keluarga :D

  3. mantap liburannya bro, artikel inggris pula.. ^_^

  4. Hhmm...Muuuiiirrrrpp buaaanget ee mas...
    Eh, tapi adik2nya masi imut2 yawh :)

    Salam semangat selalu

  5. nah..mana oleh-olehnya???