When I Look into Your Eyes

I see forever when I look in your eyes
You’re all I’ve ever wanted I always want
You to be mine let’s make a promise
’til the end of time we’ll always be
together and our love will never die
So here we are face to face and heart to heart
I want you to know we will never be apart
Now I believe that wishes can come true
Cause I see my whole world I see only you

When I look into your eyes
I can see how much I love you
And it makes me realize
When I look into your eyes
I see all the dreams come true
When I look into your eyes

I’ve looked for you all of my life
Now that I found you we will never
Say goodbye can’t stop this feelin’
And there’s nothin’ I can do
Cause I see everythin’
When I look at you

When I look in to your eyes.

Aku tidak bisa memberikan apa-apa, aku hanya bisa mencintaimu. Lirik oleh Fire House

0 thoughts on “When I Look into Your Eyes

  1. hhmmm.. jd pengen di puitis-in.. hehe
    makasih atas kunjungan ke rumah gw.. senang rasanya ketemu kawan baru..

  2. Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Nice cool blog.. Keep up the good work.. Do visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care mate.. Cheers!!!

  3. Wah, mas Ciput ini khan lagunya Firehouse !
    Inget masa muda nih 🙂 ketika jatuh cin…gedubrakkk 😀

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