Nowadays we find ourselves about the news that is out of our minds. You hear someone do crazy things almost every day that we never imagined before. In this era, Social media is catalyst. Everything they do almost to attract attention even the negative things. Attention gives the the a benefit. Nothing is crazy, they do it and get benefits.

Everyone has their own perspectives.

Maybe you can’t imagine, someone moving out our mind, doing some unlawful act, manipulating something to get their desire. Maybe Your perspectives tell you that it is wrong, no excuse for that. Everyone will agree with you. But it’s only on your mind.

Everyone has their perspective. The place where they grow up, The Environment they live, and other factors affect the way they think. So everything has its own perspective. The Truth in your mind may be different from theirs. No one is crazy in this world. Just to be wise …

Someone who grew up in a poor family has a different way of thinking than someone who grew up in the adequate family. The Degree of education is the biggest factor influencing that situation. What can we learn about that situation?

First, don’t easily judge someone; even if you have norms and you find that they are against your beliefs, that is only in your mind, different from their mind. Second, that real fact in the world, prepare yourself ready to face kind of this situation.