Marriage ? just hear the sound “marriage”, my mind was imagine 1001 questions about it. So what the merriage is? Of course, there are thousand answers if you give the meaning of marriage word beside on your opinion. Someone tell different with others.

Just OK, May I call marriage with commitment? In my age, now 22 years old and become 23 in December, how about your opinion if i talk about marriage?

Before i talk about marriage further, first, how about age? is the 23 years old appropriate time to get merried for man? i thing, i more agree with how to prepare mental then how old you today. Of Course to prepare the mental have any factors. Once, someone have talk to me that i am too young to get merried, I must focus in my carrier. I think, the statement above is not 100 % true. Maturity is not only depend on someone age, although Usually more age, increase more Maturity too.


About Marriage

How far you prepare your mental to do commitment? Ask it to your self! Before married, you can shopping what do you want, now you must separate your salary with your family. Or if you a woman, before married you can hang out with your friend, whereeve, after married you get intervention from another person in your long avenue, do as house wife etc. Wow, it make you little wavered?

Another side is Financial Factor, of course this factor is very important. is it the mean that financial factor not ready, marriage is pending too? We should prepare financial, but it is not the reason to pend merriage.

Now, if you in good mental condition, and you have good salary to establish family, but, how about your sweetheart, is (he/she) ready too? Because commitment consist of two human, so need prepared from each other.

Ciput! I want to ask you? are you want to get married in your age now?
Thank for your question, i want to answer the question, and my answer is YEEESSSS, I WANNNNTTTT, its not about too fast or not, but its about right, duty and requirement, if now you can why do you pending it?

If you have good attention, i believe,god will help you. What do you waiting for?

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  1. Hah..??? You are 2 years older from me Mas Ciput 🙂

    I want to get marriage to but still waiting for the calon yang teapt di waktu yang tepat pula 🙂

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