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The keys

There is a big safe-deposit box with a lot of money in it. So what the problem? the problem is how to open the deposit box right! what do you need to open it? laser weapon or you use hammer. No i think it is not the best way. Something what you need is the key.

The keys

If you have problems, on step that you should to do is find the key of the problem. Be effective on your effort.

0 thoughts on “The keys

  1. I have a lot of key, so, we have to choose the right key to open the door.. so, choose the right key to solve the problem…

  2. Hhm… The Key,,, it's very simple posting but have a deep value 🙂

    I need a key in every problem that I face,,,

    Keep spiritt!!!!!

  3. Hal yang penting kedua, sekalipun kita punya banyak kunci, hanya satu kunci yang bisa membuka deposit box tersebut. Kunci lain, tidak bisa, karena bukan untuk deposit box 😀

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