In this post, I want to share information about architectural design. This is a subjective discussion. Everyone has different testes. I will share my favourite colour combination. In one unified room or home, I like the combination of black steel and glass, White wall, Cream floor, wood colour for the door, and green colour from the plant.

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Since I had heard my friend’s Condition who is approximately same age with me had bad condition. He is my high school friend. Still young and had a serious health problem. Furthermore, I tryna to look into myself and I found my body is overweight.

I used BMI (Body Mass Index) as a Benchmark. Body mass index is a measure of body fat based on weight and height. It is calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by the square of height in meters. BMI is used as a screening tool to assess weight category and health risks associated with overweight and obesity.

When I measured my body, the result was above standard normal index. I decided to make some diet methods. I am still dieting. Over one year, my weight decreased but was still above the standard Normal BMI index.

My diet program result

I try to reduce carbo consumption and do several exercises every morning. The Ideal Body’s weight affects our health. This is a necessary thing to do if we want to keep our health.

Last Night when i browsed YouTube, suddenly that playlist is came in to my screen. The playlist had the title “Tokyo 1980s Victor Edition (The Compilation) Boogie, Funk & Modern”. Furthermore, i tried to browse all song in that playlist. Those song had “Tokyo’s city” genre and those gives me relax vibes.

CreatTokyo 1980s Victor Edition (The Compilation)

One song that i loved is “Reiko Takahashi 高橋玲子 – Sunset Road”. This masterpiece made me enjoy the music and gave me calm sensation when I heard on it. All songs on this album are very good. i recommended to you to hear this playlist.

I Like this “city song” genre, because it gave me vibes and the good instrument. For an Audiophile Listener, I suggest you download lossless files. All song had rich instrument and made me eargasm. It also had quiet good mastering record.

Now, that album is one of my favourites that put on Digital audio player. Start From now, i want to explorer another Japanese 80s songs those have magical vibes too and that way i like Japanese song.

I like that album cover too. It very nice to look and give those vibes too. Thanks for Japanese Composer to create such good songs. It’s very easy for me to recommend this playlist for you all guys…!

Nowadays we find ourselves about the news that is out of our minds. You hear someone do crazy things almost every day that we never imagined before. In this era, Social media is catalyst. Everything they do almost to attract attention even the negative things. Attention gives the the a benefit. Nothing is crazy, they do it and get benefits.

Everyone has their own perspectives.

Maybe you can’t imagine, someone moving out our mind, doing some unlawful act, manipulating something to get their desire. Maybe Your perspectives tell you that it is wrong, no excuse for that. Everyone will agree with you. But it’s only on your mind.

Everyone has their perspective. The place where they grow up, The Environment they live, and other factors affect the way they think. So everything has its own perspective. The Truth in your mind may be different from theirs. No one is crazy in this world. Just to be wise …

Someone who grew up in a poor family has a different way of thinking than someone who grew up in the adequate family. The Degree of education is the biggest factor influencing that situation. What can we learn about that situation?

First, don’t easily judge someone; even if you have norms and you find that they are against your beliefs, that is only in your mind, different from their mind. Second, that real fact in the world, prepare yourself ready to face kind of this situation.

Bagi seorang penikmat musik, mendengarkan musik yang berkualitas adalah salah satu cara releksasi yang ampuh untuk meningkatkan mood (mood booster). Dengan mood yang baik suasana akan menjadi rileks dan Pikiran menjadi lebih enjoy. Untuk mendapatkan Musik yang berkualitas, ditentukan dari berapa aspek antara lain :

Pertama Kualitas rekaman dari musik atau lagu itu sendiri. Kedua adalah perangkat pemutar musik dalam hal ini adalah media player dan speaker nya. Apabila kedua hal ini dipenuhi maka kualitas musik yang bagus tentu akan didapatkan.

Pada tulisan kali ini saya akan lebih sharing ke point satu, yaitu kualitas rekaman yang baik. Rekaman yang baik adalah rekaman yang diperoleh langsung dari Dapur studio, kualitas CD, WAV, lossless, dan yang ga kalah pentingnya adalah Master dari Album itu sendiri.

Dari pengalaman saya ada beberapa album yang asli dari Studio tapi kualitasnya rekamannya memang kurang. So dalam tulisan kali ini saya akan share Album lagu yang memiliki kualitas yang sangat baik (Audiophile). Disclaimer sebelumnya ya, bahwa ini pendapat saya pribadi…

Pilihan saya yang pertama jatuh pada adalah Album dari Olivia Ong yang judulnya Romance (2011). Ketika saya dengarkan beberapa kali, membuat saya enjoy larut kedalam suara yang merdu. Instrumen yang smooth dan secara keseluruhan menghadirkan suasana fun dan semangat.

Album Olivia Ong – Romance (2011)

Kemudian Pilihan saya yang kedua adalah Album Love Is a Four Letter Word (2012) dari Jason Mraz. Secara garis besar lagu ini engaging, easy listening, penuh makna, Optimis dan Fun. Lagu seperti The World as i see it, Frank D Fixer, Living in the moment, I won’t give up dan masih banyak lagi yang memberi pesan untuk optimis dan bersyukur. Saya rekomendasikan sih untuk didengarkan.

Pilihan kedua jatuh pada Album Love is four Letter word (2012) – Jason Mraz

Selanjutnya pilihan ketiga, Album lagu yang fun dan mood booster, yaitu Random Access Memories (2013) dari Daft Punk. Ini lagu instrumental ya. Futuristik, modern dan ada sedikit unsur spacenya.. Mengingatkan saya group Space dengan magic fly nya. By the way, Lagu get lucky yang menurut saya sebagai maskotnya, tapi bukan berarti lagu-lagu lain kurang, Give Life Back to music, Georgio by moroder dan lain-lain juga sama bagusnya.

Random Access Memories (2013) – Daft Punk

Demikian beberapa Album Musik yang saya rekomendasikan. Kualitas rekaman yang baik, musik yang fun, semoga membawa semangat dan mood booster anda. Terima Kasih.