Esteem Your Self


I think it was long time ago from my last post, i am on hiatus. Ok, enough about Intermezzo. In this post, i want to talk about Self Esteem.

Self esteem, yes self esteem is about your point of view to appreciate your self in any situation. At the moment where you get big trouble, when your mind break spirit of your soul, when you fall in the track of your life and any bad situation.

when you get pressure from your job, you can take a break time (several minutes) to rest your mind, its one of several way to esteem your self.

You = what you think

In any situation you must esteem your self not in bad situation only. The shape of your self esteem can implemented on several ways. You can upgrade your skill. If you like music. You can sing in bath room. You don’t think that your sound like tin but sing from your heart. Or you can play guitar, Piano, or play football etc.

have you think that you born in this world you so perfect? You different from the other. You is You. You is not me, You is not them. You are so special. Now find the reason why your feel disappointed about your self! it just a fool for one’s pains.

Stand Up your body in front of the mirror,Now look at the body that stand front of you. You see a perfect person, yes? its you. Don’t ever justified brittle your self.

Now, i want to share my way to esteem my self. when i get pressure from my works, I play music on my laptop. Listen the music make me enjoy in this situation. Listen the music that inspire you to do more.

You can esteem your self with other way that you like. Never give UP! Because you very special!