Music Playlist that Gives Me Relax Vibes

Last Night when i browsed YouTube, suddenly that playlist is came in to my screen. The playlist had the title “Tokyo 1980s Victor Edition (The Compilation) Boogie, Funk & Modern”. Furthermore, i tried to browse all song in that playlist. Those song had “Tokyo’s city” genre and those gives me relax vibes.

CreatTokyo 1980s Victor Edition (The Compilation)

One song that i loved is “Reiko Takahashi 高橋玲子 – Sunset Road”. This masterpiece made me enjoy the music and gave me calm sensation when I heard on it. All songs on this album are very good. i recommended to you to hear this playlist.

I Like this “city song” genre, because it gave me vibes and the good instrument. For an Audiophile Listener, I suggest you download lossless files. All song had rich instrument and made me eargasm. It also had quiet good mastering record.

Now, that album is one of my favourites that put on Digital audio player. Start From now, i want to explorer another Japanese 80s songs those have magical vibes too and that way i like Japanese song.

I like that album cover too. It very nice to look and give those vibes too. Thanks for Japanese Composer to create such good songs. It’s very easy for me to recommend this playlist for you all guys…!

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