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Sometime i make cover music that i like. Not enought if i tell about it good. But no problems, this is only for fun and for my collection. Thank you for watching it.

Seismic “adalah engkau”. I like this song. It ispirate me. This music is nasyid genre. Usually i hear this song at the night before i sleep. This song have beautiful lyric. I very enjoy to make cover this song.

Seismic – Adalah Engkau

Stinky “Jangan Tutup Dirimu”. I hear this song when i am in elementary school. Since i hear it, i like this song, This is romantic song. You should hear this song if you love to someone and you expect he/she open the heart for you.

Stinky – Jangan Tutup Dirimu

0 thoughts on “My Album

  1. waduh mas, koneksiku… ampuuun…

    dari pada bingung, tak koreksi bahasa inggrismu wae yooh…

    ehm ehm..

    …It ispirate me. <– kudune: it's inspired me

    This music is nasyid genre. <–enake ngene: The genre of this music is nasyid.

    I very enjoy to make cover this song. <– kudune enek "to be" ne: I'm very enjoy…

    he/she open the heart… <— kudune: He/she opens the heart


    hohohoho…. kesurupan opo iki aku…

  2. wow.. aku lagi ndownload mas…

    sik sik… tak rungokne diluk…


    suwarane sampeyan mas, jujur natural dan punya khas kok… aku yakin penyanyi asline kalah enak karo suwarane sampeyan… iki jujur!!!!

    nada nadane sampeyan perfect! (perfect pitch)


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