Topping Off

Yesterday, thursday, october 29, 2009, Library building project of Universitas Indonesia by PT. Waskita Karya completed structure work. Usually, after structure work have finished, there is a ceremony that called Topping Off. Topping off intended to commemorate effort from worker. In another side, topping off is real barometer to measure, how far the proggress of the project done.

This moment will be present by head of university of Universitas Indonesia and Directur of PT. Waskita Karya, Mr. Cholik. From a little while ago, sub contractors sended flowers to give congratulation to result that we have get.

head of university of Universitas Indonesia

My friend said topping of is a ceremony held when the last beam is placed at the top of a building. The term my also refer to the overall completion of the building’s structure. I think this definition more right than my statement above.

Whatever about definition.

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  1. @ravi :
    kucing liar, berkeliaran disekitar bedeng proyek, tapi lucu – lucu juga.
    @pak mufti :
    Walah masalah dana mendanai saya kurang begitu tau pak
    @endop :
    banyak yang bilang wajahku kaya anak2

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